CRYO in a nutshell

CRYO has sworn to maintain and develop story-telling tabletop gaming (mainly role playing games and boardgames) in Oulu by bringing players and games together. We do this through regular gaming events and a variety of other activities, such as discussion evenings, organizing game rally events, printing a gamey zine every now and then, and of course, by organizing Maracons, the weekend-long gaming events at (usually) Kaijonharju Youth Centre. The only requirement we have for our members is to pay the membership fee.

For more information on the society or its events, feel free to contact the board at hallitus (at) cryo (dot) fi or turn up at one of our events and ask around. We also look forward to any ideas or feedback you may have.

Users of IRC can find the CRYO community on #cryo at IRCnet. CRYO also has two open groups on Facebook, Cryo and Cryo ry, of which the latter is the official noticeboard used by the board. Our general mailing list can be joined from and if you become a member, you will automagically be added to our members-only list.



Open-to-all Gaming Nights every Tuesday at 4 pm onwards in the university central café (aulakahvila).

Caio evenings on Wednesdays from 6 pm onwards, every second week (odd numbered weeks).

Every once in a while, CRYO organizes discussion evenings, where people will be able to gather and share a piece of their mind about specific topics. Further notifications follow, once the dates and themes are decided.


CRYO organizes tabletop games of all sorts every Tuesday from 4 pm (16:00) onwards at the cafe in the Central Lobby of the University. Boardgames, card games and even roleplaying games of all kinds are there to be played by anyone who turns up! Most of the games are originally in English and most of the people there are conversant with both the English language and the rules of the games. (And as it's Finland, the promised land of multilingualism, most of the games have their rules in four or five different languages to begin with...) Feel free to bring in your own games as well - we're always eager to try new ones!


CRYO welcomes all 18-year-olds, who accept the society's rules. A year's membership fee is 5 euro and an eternal membership fee is 20 euro. What you can get with our membership, well, our goodies are very good. With a membership card from CRYO, you can get a -10% discount at Fantasiapelit Oulu, the local gaming store, from any rpgs, boardgames, other game related items and gaming related science fiction and fantasy books. (Always ask the person on the till if the discount applies. Items not included in this discount are Warhammer and WH40K figurines, trading card games and comics). Also, you get to participate in our more guarded events, such as the birthday party, sauna evenings, game rallys and much more! Also, once a year, CRYO organizes a special gaming excursion to Fantasiapelit Oulu, when the shop is open just for us in the evening and the discounts can rise up to -20% and more!

If you're interested in becoming a member, print out a membership form from this website (or pick one up from Gaming Nights, for instance), fill it and bring it to Kalle or some other member of the board to one of our events and before you know it, you'll have a shiny new temporary membership card in your hand. And if you become an eternal member, you'll receive your eternal membership card in a month or so.

PHOTOS from CRYO events